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Helix Jump


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Helix Jump

Helix Jump is an addictive arcade game that challenges players to guide a bouncing ball through a series of platforms. Developed by Voodoo, a renowned mobile game development company, Helix Jump offers a thrilling and entertaining gameplay experience. With its simple controls and engaging mechanics, this game has quickly become a favorite among mobile gamers.

Game Controls

  • To play Helix Jump, you only need to use one finger.
  • Simply swipe left or right to rotate the helix structure.
  • The goal is to make the ball drop through the gaps in the helix and reach the bottom.

How to Play

  1. When starting a new game, you will see a colorful helix tower with a bouncing ball on top.
  2. Swipe left or right to rotate the helix structure and allow the ball to fall through the gaps.
  3. Each time the ball passes through a gap, you earn points.
  4. Be careful not to let the ball collide with the gray platforms, as this will end the game.
  5. The game continues until the ball falls out of the helix or hits the gray platforms.

Tips and Tricks

  • Timing is crucial in Helix Jump. Try to anticipate the ball’s movement and rotate the helix at the right moment to avoid obstacles.
  • Focus on creating a clear path for the ball by strategically rotating the helix. Look for gaps with fewer gray platforms to maximize your chances of success.
  • Be patient and avoid making quick, impulsive movements. Take your time to carefully assess the helix structure before making any rotations.
  • Practice regularly to improve your reaction time and accuracy. As you become more familiar with the game mechanics, you’ll be able to reach higher levels and achieve higher scores.

Game Developer

Helix Jump was developed by Voodoo, an innovative game development company known for creating addictive and intuitive mobile games. With a passion for creating simple yet captivating gaming experiences, Voodoo has gained popularity worldwide, and Helix Jump is a testament to their expertise.

Game Platforms

Helix Jump is available on both iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of players. Whether you own an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, you can enjoy this addictive game on the go.

How to Play Unblocked

If you want to play Helix Jump unblocked, you can visit the website ““. Simply follow the instructions provided on the website to start playing the game without any restrictions.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and challenging game to test your reflexes and strategic thinking, give Helix Jump a try. With its addictive gameplay, simple controls, and vibrant graphics, this game guarantees hours of entertainment. Download it now and see how far you can descend through the helix!